March 12th 2009

Radio Habana

Radio Habana

If you are in SF on a Thursday/Friday night, you have to have a beer or Sangria at Radio Habana just for the experience.

A party of us had dinner at Greens, at Fort Mason, then limo’d to the Mission for a taste of SF.  The pic doesn’t really describe it.  Read more on Yelp: Radio Habana Social Club.


March 4th 2009



Check out Shoefiti

Shoefiti is the term used to describe shoes hanging from powerlines.

The term was coined in 2005 by Ed Kohler, and let to the formation of

Shoefiti shares some similarities with graffiti, such as the artistic statements of the work, possible connections to nefarious activity, and correlation with troubled neighborhoods. chronicles shoefiti from around the world while trying to find meaning in this common act.

Some people want the shoes down.  Who to call?

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