October 22nd 2008 10:25 pm

Caribou Barbie

Caribou Barbie

Sarah Palin is another example of the Peter Principle in action.  Interestingly, though she may have already reached her level of incompetence, it is possible she can still move up the ladder.  It is hard to imagine even the American public, notoriously gullible, seeing anything but fluff and blather in Palin.  Her recent shopping trips really shatter any notion that she’s “one of us.”  Still, one never knows.

“She was never a hockey mom, she was always the prom queen sitting in the back of the convertible waving to the hockey moms” said Simon Doonan, creative director at the high-end clothing store Barney’s New York.

In these last few weeks before the election, let’s just sit back and contemplate the special world of politics.  Actually, I wish there was a Caribou Barbie.  My daughter loves moose, and that’s close enough.

Comes with everything you see here:

– Dead Caribou

– M-16

– Snowmobile

– Sexy Librarian Glasses

She even talks with such fun phrases like:

– “I’m a pitbull with lipstick!”

– “My family is off-limits!”

– “What is it the Vice President actually does?”

Coming soon: Bristol Palin with inflatable baby bump and John McCain with portable green screen background!

[photo and quote from CollegeOTR]

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