July 29th 2008 07:37 pm

Vacation 2008–Day 2, Lassen Park

Vacation 2008--Day 2, Lassen Park

Departed Grizzly Creek 9:30 am

Arrived Lassen National Monument, 3:00 pm

From Fog to Smoke!  Highway 36 out of Grizzly Creek was nice, meandering over Van Dusen River (lately: Van Dusen Trickle) and climbing into the Eel Creek watershed toward Mad River.  The windy road was not too heavily traveled and just curvy enough for a fine motorcycle ride.  As I climbed, though, smoke pervaded the landscape from the Trinity Alps fires, some of which are still burning.

I turned north on Highway 3 to connect with Highway 299 toward Redding and drove right into the smoke.  I can tell this is otherwise gorgeous country, laconic pastures along Salt Creek for example, but above it all, a deep haze.  The mountains and trees recede as if in fog, but the smell of burned wood is everywhere.  Coming into Hayforth, the Trinity County Fairgrounds is a staging area for firefighters–it was huge! Passing through town:  thank you’s everywhere (to the firefighters), from handwritten posters to school and church marquees.

Redding was 95 degrees in the shade.  Hot and a little smoky itself.  I sat in a Starbucks for a sandwich, coffee and cell service/internet.  Got gas and headed out Highway 44 for Lassen Park.

And Lassen is nice.  Clear skies tonight; cool and breezy.  I’m staying here a couple days to see the sights.  A can of Dinty Moore stew, some sliced Provolone, a couple cups of Fetzer Zin.  It’s another good night!

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