July 14th 2008

Dan’s Got a New Book Out

Dan's Got a New Book Out

My friend Dan Chacón (on the right) has a new book coming out in November, Unending Rooms. It is a collection of some superb stories that display Dan’s quirky humor as well as his remarkably clear perception of human nature.

For those unfamiliar with Dan’s work, his first collection of stories, Chicano Chicanery, challenges notions of loyalty and friendship. In his writing chicanery is not an excuse but a reality,” according to one reviewer. The plot of his first novel, and the shadows took him, “extends like a dead man’s arm into a dysfunctional family’s life” according to a review by the San Antonio Express-News. Wry humor and a sort of quantum realism–Chacón’s extention of magical realism–pervade these stories, making them both disturbing and compelling.

Check out Dan’s web site, The Field and the Labyrinth, and his blog, At Play in the Quantum Field, the latter replete with fascinating glimpses into a writer’s consciousness. Oh, and buy his books!

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