November 22nd 2008

Drums, Part 1

Drums, Part 1

Downloaded my monthly allotment of songs (50) from emusic today.  I’m the kind of guy that spends, like three years in a used record (or book) store, only to finally leave with nothing I first intended to get.  I browse a lot.  I got to thinking about the music I like, and how drumming fits in.  Last night, my wife and I rented The Visitor, a great movie about human relations post 9/11, which features African drumming.  So, I downloaded some of what emusic had of Mickey Hart, the Grateful Dead drummer who has built a solo career encouraging. developing and cataloging drumming from all over the world.

I’ve been a fan of good drumming since King Crimson and Yes turned me into a Bill Bruford nut (see Drums, Part 2), but progressive rock is sometimes lacking in something human and hopeful.  Where Bruford turned to jazz to find that sentiment in his solo voice, Hart turned to African rhythms, which add a different influence.  Hart’s world music projects have a sense of hope and beauty to them that is like no other.  Drums speak to something deep within me (all of us?).

Here’s what I downloaded:

While I was in an African mood, I also got (but it isn’t drums per se):

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While you’re in the mood, check out the websites:

Finally, a few songs to whet your appetite:


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